Wednesday, July 5, 2006
Alcalay travels to Italy as a jury member for IBLA

PLATTEVILLE – The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s assistant professor of piano, Eugene Alcalay, D.M.A., is currently in Europe on his way to Italy to judge the 2006 IBLA Grand Prize International Competition in July.

The IBLA Foundation in New York City, named after the historical town where the competition takes place, organizes an annual competition for pianists, singers, instrumentalists and composers in Ragusa Ibla, Italy. Winners of the competitions are later presented in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center in New York, New York University, the Tokyo Opera City Hall, the Tchaikovsky Bolshoi Hall in Moscow, as well as other prestigious venues in Canada, Europe, Russia and the United States. In addition to performing for the jury, musicians may also decide to attend a master class given by members of the jury. Alcalay will most likely give a class, which consists of something similar to a public lesson. "A master class is like giving a lesson with an audience," says Alcalay. "A student will play a particular piece of music, after which I will comment on their playing and work through the piece in detail while others watch."

Alcalay was hired as a jury member for the 2006 IBLA competition with the stipulation that he host one of the previous winners of the competition and bring them to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to play a recital at the Center for the Arts. Accepting the offer, Alcalay brought the 13-year-old pianist, Alex Tuchman, to UWP for a recital this past April.

"As a judge, I will be listening to quite a few young pianists," explains Alcalay. "Based on their talent, musicianship, potential and promise for an artistic career, I will put in my two cents worth as to who, or how many, will win."

Currently in England with his wife, Ruth Elisabeth Alcalay, Ph.D., a native of England, Alcalay is playing two recitals before traveling to Italy in the beginning of July for the IBLA competition. Upon completing the IBLA competition, Alcalay will quickly return back to the United States to participate as a piano faculty at the Masterworks International Music Festival and School in Winona Lake, Ind.

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