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It can be said that the first wisdom of sociology is this--things are not what they seem.--Peter Berger


Note: the articles listed below are tools we use in ENERGY 2130. Not all are "authoritative" in the sense that they are "correct." Some are used to illustrate a particular point of view, others as examples to use in developing greater critical thinking ability, still others as sources of information. Do not view the entirety of them as typically reflective of my views, as any kind of endorsement, or as the basis of the entire course curricula.

Unit 4

Chapter 14 in Textbook
US Ethanol Production
Ethanol Effect on Fuel Economy When Mixed w/ Gasoline
Example of Corn Ethanol Production Process
Energy Content of Various Fuels
Biofuels: Ethanol and Biodiesel Explained
Ethanol Co-Products
Cellulosic Ethanol Falling Far Short Of The Hype
DuPont sells cellulosic ethanol plant in blow to biofuel
Propane as a Vehicle Fuel
Natural Gas as a Vehicle Fuel
Another Reason Consumers Aren't Buying Natural Gas Cars
Anaerobic Digestion

Electric, Hybrid, Gasoline, Air, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen
SMART Pure Coupe Electric
Range of Smart Electric
For Electric Car Owners, ‘Range Anxiety’ Gives Way to ‘Charging Time Trauma’
Airpod video
Airpod Price
TaTa Motors Airpod
MiniCAT--the Air Powered Car
Ford Focus
Fuel Cell Vehicles
How Fuel Cells Work
Fuel Cell Animation (Text)
Fuel Cell Benefits and Challenges
Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

Incentives for Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Cars
One View of Which are the Best Hybrid Cars

Tesla Home Charging Calculator
Tesla Model 3 vs. Model S
Model X Costs
Why Bitcoin Mining May be Elon Musk's Next Big Problem...

How Many Electric Cars can the Grid Take?
Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
Shai Agassi, Israel Electic Vehicles
Why Better Place failed....

Anheuser-Busch orders up 800 hydrogen-fueled big rigs

Tesla Competition

Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing)
Cantarell Oil Field Production
Decline of the World's Major Oil Fields
PEAK OIL: Pages 32-40 in our textbook
Hydraulic Fracturing.COM
Shale Plays in the Lower 48 States
Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing

Directional Drilling Animation
Fracking Causes Earthquakes?
Down Well Camera (1/2)
Down Well Camera, 2/2

Wave Energy
.PDF presentation on D2L

Where is the fresh water?
Cape Town Water Scarcity
Day Zero pushed back to 2019
One Man....Solve Capetown's Water Crisis

Unit 3

Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability
Sustainability--One Definition
EPA Sustainability Page
EPA Definition of Sustainability
Blackrock CEO Larry Fink's letter to CEOs
The Triple Bottom Line
Life Cycle Analysis, Energy Analysis, Embodied Energy (p 165-178 in textbook)

Single-Stream Recycling
Asheville's Single-Stream Recycling
Waste Management Single Stream Recycling Video

Solar PV
Restrictive Covenants
Russell Hall Solar Array
AC vs DC electric current
Pure Sine, Modified Sine, Square Wave
Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles
Dow Chemical Sheds its Solar Shingle Business
Solar Shingles Live!
Passive Solar PV Tracking Racks
Passive Tracker Prices and Specs
Centralized vs. Distributed Energy Systems (Chaps 9 and 10)
Net Metering (Chap 10)
Solar Panel Price Survey
Solar PV Installation
Solar Panel Comparison Table
Example, Home Grid-Tied PV system $1.25/watt

MISO (Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator
MISO Reliability
Alliant Energy Customer Interconnection
Rules for Intereconnecting Distributed Generation Facilities
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

UW-Platteville Wind Turbine
UW-Platteville Wind Turbine Technical Data
Various types of Wind Turbines
Betz's Law

Politics of Wind
Wind Power's Wisconsin Dry Spell May be Ending--(includes Lafayette County's new installation)
MGE Wind, Wisconsin
Wildlife Mapping Tool to Guide Renewable Wind Energy Projects, Driftless Area

Met Tower
Wind Rose
US Wind Map
US Wind Industry Map
80-meter Annual Average Wind Speed (Wisconsin)
US Energy Mapping System (Trans lines etc.)
Illinois Wind Resource Map (80m)
Illinois Installed Wind

Shadow Flicker and Wind Energy
Video of Flicker
Flicker Map
Flicker Impact Area (South and North)
Oscillating Water Column
Wind Shadow
Why do Wind Turbines have 3 Blades?

Supplying Engines with Energy
Stirling Engine
Stirling Engine, how it works (YT)
Internal/External Combustion Engines
Fusion, and "Analysis" of Sustainable/Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal Energy
Solar Thermal Energy (wiki)
Solar Tower
Solar Wind Energy Tower update
Solar Wind Energy Tower Video
Solar Tower in Arizona
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator (Zillow)
Solar Power Towers (Wiki)
Ivanpah Solar Power Facility
PS10 Solar Power Plant (wiki)
Themis Solar Power Plant (wiki)
Julich Solar Tower (wiki)
Solar Tower worth its Salt
Fresnel Lenses
Fresnel Lens cost
Fresnel Lens Demo (youtube)
Fresnel Lens (foundry--Youtube)

Unit 2

Population Presentation (D2L)
A Century of Population Change in the Age and Sex Composition of the Nation
America’s Age Profile Told through Population Pyramids
Hans Rosling and the Magic Washing Machine
Carrying Capacity
Positive Checks
Demographic Transition
Energy and Agriculture
Push and Pull Factors
CapeTown Water Crisis, I
CapeTown Water Crisis, II

Sustainable Thinking
Sustainable Thinking Presentation (D2L)
Anything into Oil 1
Anything into Oil 2
Anything into Oil 3
Anything into Oil 4

Climate Change
Main Greenhouse Gases
Main Greenhouse Gases, Impact
Greenhouse Gas Warming Potentials
Cap and Trade
Carbon Offsets
Kyoto Protocol
Actual Kyoto Protocol, in English
Permafrost Thaw

Heat movement, Building Design, Insulation
Occam's Razor
Law of Parsimony
Elegant (def 6)
Single Point of Failure
Infrared Images
Frost Images
Heat Transfer, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Chap 6
Dew Point
Platteville Weather (Dew Point)
Ice Dams
Blown-in Cellulose Insulation
Spray-Foam Insulation
R-Values for Various Insulation and Materials
Dalecki HRV
Fiberglass Batt Installation
Fiberglass Batt/Vapor Barrier
Closed Cell Foam, Vapor Barrier
Solar Energy for Buildings, Chap 7

Unit 1

History, Energy Trends, Markets
Finviz Futures
Energy Overview--EIA
PEAK OIL: Read pages 32-40 in our textbook.
Definition of BTU
Demand Destruction
Futures Prices WTI--CME
Is Resurgent Dr. Copper About to Relapse?
Trump Fires First Round in Trade Wars--Solar Panels
Article on wind-powered cars, on D2L
Degree Day Explanation

Currencies, Exchange Rates, Strength of Dollar, Relationship to Trade and Prices
Int'l Currency Exchange Rates (explained)
Venezuela Currency Disintegrates
Record High Venezuela Inflation, above 7000%
Dolartoday (Black Market Venzuela Exchange Rate)
Official Bolivar/Dollar Exchange Rate
Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe
De-Dollarization Spikes - Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars For Oil Payments
A Primer on Reserve Currencies
Explaining Reserve Currency
America's Weapons: The Dollar and the Drone.
Suddenly de-dollarization is a thing.

Economics, Markets
Supply and Demand Curves
Price Elasticity of Demand
Counterparty Risk
Forward Contract
Futures Contract
Futures Markets (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
Futures: Margin
Margin (Performance Bond) Explained
What is a bond?
Why does a bond's price decrease when interest rates increase?
PEAK OIL: Pages 32-40 in our book
Peak Oil--Wikipedia. Introduction only; use w/ Caution

Energy Costs, Types
BTU Content of Different Fuels
What is a THERM
Watts; from Volts and Amps
Kilowatt (KW), Kilowatt Hour (KWh)
Wisconsin Residential Bill Guide

New Perspectives on EROI of Corn Ethanol (Murphy and Hall)This is one view; there are others.
EROI explanation, pages 173-175 in our book
How Cap and Trade works
Carbon Offsets
North Atlantic Currents, Effect on Europe

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