UW-Platteville Holiday Toy Hack



UW-Platteville students from all across campus modify donated electronic toys so that they can be used by children with special needs. We then donate these adapted toys to families, groups and therapists who can use or need them.  The next Holiday Toy Hack will be on December 7, 2019, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, in Engineering Hall on the UW-Platteville campus!  See this video to learn more about the Toy Hack!  A brief university story is posted here.


We are in need of Volunteers, Recipients, and Donors!


Many off-the-shelf electronic toys cannot be used by children with special needs.  For example,  their buttons may be too small or stiff, or they may require too much coordination.  These toys can be adapted by replacing these functions with external switches.  (A wide variety of switches exist – large buttons, head-tilt switches, blow switches, and many more (see this page) – and they will all work with our adapted toys!
See this video, showing toys we’ve modified!

With adapted toys, children can experience more independent play and gain self confidence.  Additionally, the toys help children learn cause and effect, develop fine and gross motor skills, and can encourage communication and social skills.

At the "Holiday Toy Hack," students learn about the adaptive needs of people with limited motor abilities or developmental disabilities.  Further, they gain hands-on experience in problem solving applied to toy adaptation:  until they open a toy, they don’t know exactly how it can be adapted!