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Chem 114C Syllabus (pdf) - Hamilton
Chem 114C Lecture Schedule (pdf) - Hamilton
Chem 114C Lab Schedule (pdf) - Hamilton

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Some Suggested Problems

Some Lessons for Each Day are here!
Answers to Selected parts of Lessons
All the Lessons at Once

Some Sample Exams to Try - but they're not exactly like our exams or in the exact order of topics
Sample Exams
Answers to Exam 1

Some Handouts
Naming Compounds Guidelines
Common Cations
Common Anions

Here's a cool periodic table that plots the periodic properties you select.

Some Prelabs
GasLaws Prelab ColligativeProperties Prelab Acid Base Prelab

Thermochemistry Prelab; Redox Prelab; Electrochemistry; Nuclear Prelab

Kinetics Prelab; Mat Sci Prelab; Organic Prelab; Polymer Prelab

Some Worksheets
Net Ionic Equation How To
Net Ionic Equation  and Nomenclature Practice(pdf)
pH & Ionic Equilibria Practice

Here are some redox practice problems.  Try some.
Here are the redox answers