Gem & Mineral Spectroscopy

Mineral Spectroscopy Server
Color in Minerals & The Giant Crystals Project & Record Size Minerals
The Fluorescent Mineral Society and The Mineral Collectors Page
Color in Minerals on Socrates
Mineral Gallery "The First Internet Rock Shop"
A brief bit by the Author of My Favorite Book - " The Chemistry & Physics of Color" by Kurt Nassau, Bell Labs -The New Edition is Good!
40 of the most common minerals and their uses from Sarah's students!

Properties of Diamonds and Some Mineral Properties

Diamonds and Gems on Stamps (carboniferous Philately :-) ) & More Minerals on Stamps

The Rainbow of Gems Website and How are Gem Stones Characterized

Fluorescent Minerals Sites:

The Fluorescent Minerals
Ken's Fluorescent Minerals and Stewart's Fluorecent Minerals with Book and Arwieler's Fluorecent Minerals
Ward's Fluorescent Minerals and Lewie's Fluorescent World Mineral Photos
Polman's Fluorescent World Mineral Photos and Polman's Fluorescent World Mineral Photos

Diamonds in Wisconsin and Minerology of Wisconsin and Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Minerals from WI

Some Rock and Mineral Magazines
Mineralogical Record
Rock and Gem
Rocks and Minerals

Some Generic Mineral Image Sites

Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection hosted in Bremen, Germany.
Gem Gallery and Mineral Gallery and some newly donated African Gems at the Smithsonian
Mineral image collection at the Institute for Mineralogy at Technical University, Clausthal, Germany.
Museum of Mineralogy, at the Ecole de Mines in Paris.
TheImage home page with lots of photos of minerals and gems.
Images of Gems at University of Wisconsin-Madison's Geology Dept.