Nanotechnology Teaching Postdoc Research Techniques and Educator

Applicants are sought from talented Ph.D. level scientists in chemistry or a closely related field like materials science, chemical engineering or physics, to undertake research and development at University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The successful applicant will lead undergraduate students working with Prof. James Hamilton in nano/micromaterials characterization and fabrication at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville (UWP) and in association with the Nanomaterials Center for Collaborative Research and Development (NCCRD). UWP offers a relaxed environment to perform top quality research into materials science and nanotechnology. A successful candidate will have hands-on expertise with numerous materials characterization techniques, be good with instrumentation, have clear ability to work with others and a strong desire to share their expertise with undergraduate students. Funded by special funding from UW System and UW-Platteville and facilitated by the WiSys Technology Foundation, the initial funding is for one year, renewable for two or more years based upon performance and the probable continuity of funding.

Please send applications by email that include a C.V.; a brief statement of research experience and a brief statement of interests and goals; and the names, phone and email addresses of three references, one of whom must be your current supervisor, with the subject: Nano Postdoctoral Fellow Search to Screening will start immediately and continue until the position is filled. Applications from individuals with work authorization (US citizens/residents or current visa holders) will be looked upon favorably, but this is not necessary to apply. email is preferred, but mail can be sent to: Postdoctoral Fellow Search, Attn: Professor James Hamilton, 1 University Plaza, Platteville, WI 53818.

Potential Projects

Graphene and Graphene Processing
Photovoltaic Transparent electrode and PV device development
Nanotube Chromatography
Nanoparticle thermodynamic properties measurement
Nanotube Composite Materials
Laser Light Scattering, Autosampling Photon Counting Spectrometers
Nonlinear Optical Properties of nanotube materials
Instrument and sensor development

Project Leader

The principal investigator for these projects is Professor James P. Hamilton. In teaching of undergraduates Dr. Hamilton emphasizes the value of research and the student's ability to make scholarly contributions to society. As a result, the best and brightest of his students are eager to perform research. In the last two years, work in his group has resulted in more than 5 patent applications and numerous publications. Two companies have stated up out of his labs.

Facilities for research at UWP and within the University of Wisconsin System

The department maintains easy access to a wide variety of synthetic and analytical instrumentation. While the primary focus of the department is on teaching, the instrumentation is available for use any time it is not being used for teaching. In-stock supplies and chemicals are generally provided without charge for research. Our Department maintains good relations with other departments on campus so there is easy access to other facilities free of charge. Our labs are extremely well equipped with modern instrumentation and we have, just to name a few things, our own SEM/EDAX, AFM, multiple ns 266/355/532 YAG lasers, spin coaters, ellipsometer, UV/VIS/NIR, DLS, DCS, GPC-TDA, Raman Microprobe (JY HR64000), potentiostats, coating facilities, and a new cleanroom is being constructed to support our new program in Microsystems and Nanotechnology and the Nanotechnology Center for Collaborative R&D.

Quality of life at UWP/Platteville/Southwest Wisconsin Area

UW-Platteville is a great place to work and live in a small town rural environment that still has plenty of cultural events thru the university and community. UW-Platteville is located in the hills and valleys of southwest corner of the state near the scenic Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers. Cost of living in Southwestern Wisconsin is affordable and traffic congestion is virtually non-existent. Platteville offers a wide variety of festivals, cultural events and wonderful access to the north woods for outdoor activities. The Platteville Public School system is also one of the state's best.

The UWP Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry Program in the Department of Chemistry & Engineering Physics consists of 10 tenured and tenure track professors that all work together nicely with a spirit of cooperation. The emphasis of the department is on teaching our undergraduate students. There is no Masters or Ph.D. program in chemistry. Our students are eager to learn and are very good at hands on tasks. We have our own machine and electronics shop and access to other facilities.

The UWP Chemistry Program is growing with over 140 majors and a wide variety of instrumentation. Majors offered include an American Chemical Society-certified degree option, biochemistry, and two emphases in criminalistics (ACS-certified track and DNA track). A criminalistics emphasis in chemistry has been offered at UW-Platteville since 1975, and the program enjoys strong ties with state, regional, and federal laboratories.

This Postdoctoral Fellowship

The goal of this specially created position is to enhance the experience for our undergraduates while developing intellectual property for UW System. Evaluation for renewal will be based on progress towards specified goals and the training of student researchers and thus inclusion of undergraduates in the research.

The University of Wisconsin Platteville is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.