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Dr. C. Ellsworth Hood
Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Platteville

e-mail: hood@uwplatt.edu

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Mothballed Courses Published Essays Work in Progress Philosophy: The study of wisdom. Or stirring up the dust and complaining that one cannot see? Or must one stir up the dust in order to pursue the love of wisdom? Whatever.

Philosophy is indeed the love of wisdom, wisdom defined casually as knowing what to do with what one otherwise knows....

Mothballed Courses

Introduction to Philosophy 113
Peace Studies 213
Philosophy of Law 363
Ethics 253
Ontology and Ethics

Published Essays

Nietzsche Contra Postmodernism
Thinking With Kant About
Thinking Scientifically

Kant On Inalienable Rights
Options: A Philosophical Interpretation
Why Postmodernists Can't Read Kant
Without Producing Cant

Work in Progress

Kant's Unfinished Revolution
Kant On the Death Penalty
Human Nature's Potential
For War and Peace

Philosophy Resources


UW-Platteville Philosophy
Syracuse University Philosophy
Oregon State
UC Berkeley Philosophy


On Line Books Page
Tufts' Greek Virtual Library
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Kant Texts On Line
Philosophy on the Internet
Internet Classics Archive
APA Philosophical Texts

Peace Studies

Resources on Line


Center for Defense Information
Union of Concerned Scientists
Todd's Atomic Page
Federation of American Scientists:Nuclear Effects

Peace Process

World Forum
Canberra Abolition 2000 Report
Chemical and Biological Warfare Project
Amnesty International
US Institute of Peace
Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
National Institute for Dispute Resolution
Fellowship of Reconciliation
American Friends Service Committee
Kant: Perpetual Peace


Nuclear Weapons Effects
High Energy Weapons Archive
Chemical Weapons
Biological & Chemical Weapons
What Is A Chemical Weapon
Biological Weapons
Declassified Energy Department Documents
Bullistic Missile Defense
Thaad Homepage
Cruise Missiles:Technology
Cruise Missiles II: Technology
Cruise Missiles: Defense
Cruise Missiles:Defense II
Radars and Lidars
Laser Tech
Precision Guided Weapons
Nuclear Posture Review

War Fighting

Joint Doctrine: War Fightning
Joint Doctrine
National Security Strategy of the United States
Field Manual 3-0



Jefferson:Indian Addresses
US Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Constitution of the Iroquois Nation
UN Declaration of Human Rights
Thomas Paine:Common Sense


IIT Center for Ethics in the Professions
Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

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