Ethics 253
Fall 1999
Instructor: Hood
Office: Gardner 335

Wed. Sept. 1: Introductory stuff.
Fri. Sept. 3: Plato: Apology and Crito, pp. 21-28.

Mon. Sept. 6: Labor Day
Wed. Sept. 8: Plato: Republic, Bks. II,IV, V, pp. 29-42.
Fri. Sept. 10: Plato: Republic, Bks. VI, VII, pp. 42-46.
Mon. Sept. 13: Aristotle: Bk. I, pp. 47-54.

Wed. Sept. 15: Aristotle: Bks.II, III, pp. 54-65.
Fri. Sept. 17: Aristotle: Bks. VI, X, pp. 65-74.
Mon. Sept. 20: Epicurus

Wed. Sept. 22: Epictetus
Fri. Sept. 24: St. Augustine, pp. 105-114.
Mon. Sept. 27: St. Augustine, pp. 114-120.

Wed. Sept. 29: St.Thomas Aquinas, pp.128-139.
Fri. Oct. 1: St. Thomas Aquinas, pp. 140-152.
Mon. Oct. 4: Review/look ahead 1st Takehome exam due!!!

Wed. Oct. 6: Meister Eckhart.
fri. Oct. 8: Hobbes
Mon. Oct. 11: Spinoza

Wed. Oct. 13: Hume, pp. 198-208.
Fri. Oct. 15: Hume, pp. 208-218.
Mon. Oct. 18: Kant, pp. 219-233.

Wed. Oct. 20: Kant, pp. 233-247.
Fri. Oct. 22: Kant. We'll need the extra time....
Mon. Oct. 25: Schopenhauer

Wed. Oct. 27: Bentham: pp. 251-254;260-269.
Fri. Oct. 29: Mill.
Mon. Nov. 1: Marx.

Wed. Nov. 3: Kierkegaard, Journal, Either/Or, Fear and Trembling.
Fri. Nov. 5: Kierkegaard, Concluding.... and Sickness....

Mon. Nov. 8: Review/look ahead. 2nd Takehome exam due!!!
Wed. Nov. 10: Tillich: Readings will be provided.
Fri. Nov. 12: Nietzsche: Three Metamorphoses and text pp. 323-330.
Mon. Nov. 15: Nietzsche: Madman and text pp. 330-337.

Wed. Nov. 17: Sartre.
Fri. Nov. 19: Dewey, pp. 360-371.
Mon. Nov. 22: Dewey, pp. 371-377

Wed. Nov. 24: Ayer.
Mon. Nov. 29: Rawls.

Wed. Dec. 1: Camus: Letters to a friend. Reading to be provided.
Fri. Dec. 3: Gilligan: The Origins of Morality in Early Childhood Relationships. Reading to be provided.

Mon. Dec. 6: Moody-Adams: Gender and the Complexity of Moral Voices. Readings to be provided.
Wed. Dec. 8: Lugones: On the Logic of Pluralist Feminism: readings to be provided
Fri. Dec. 10: Pierce: Postmodernism and Other Skepticisms. Reading to be provided.
Mon. Dec. 13: Review and summing up.

CLASS SESSIONS: BE PREPARED!!! Have your readings done and have some ideas, questions, comments in mind. Speak up, explore meanings, reasons, issues--raise questions, explore implications, ramifications. Turn it into an adventure of the mind. Think! Think! Think! And have fun in the process.


GRADES: Exams 1 and 2, 25% each; exam 3,30%; daily reports, 20%

On the daily reports: no late submissions or make ups except for medically excused absence or real family emergency. Each will be worth 1/2 of a point on a 100 point system for the term. You may miss 3 with no penalty. Thereafter each missed report will cost you l/2 of a point.

So now we are off on an adventure of the mind!!!

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