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Ontology and Ethics

Welcome to the seminar. Be prepared to do a lot of reading, thinking and thinking and thinking,and be prepared to discuss with the class what you have read and your thinking concerning what you have read. And be prepared to have a real adventure of the mind, significant work, but a great deal of intellectual challenge and fun in the process.


Dostoyevsky Plato Kierkegaard Kant Nietzsche Berdyaev Camus Tillich

The seminar will be conducted on a reading/discussion basis. This is not a lecture course. It will be imperative to be here, have your readings done, and be prepared to discuss what you have read.

Your grade will be based on your attendance, participation, role as discussion leader on occasion and a major paper to be prepared and presented to the seminar for discussion.

Sounds formidable when so spelled out, doesn't it? Well, relax, it will be a great adventure of the mind.

So now, let's get to it!

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