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Lecturer of Computer Science
Office: Ullrich 226
Email: lindahlg AT

Classes: Microcomputer Applications CS 1380

My background

I have interests in web page design, interface design and integrating technology for visualization displays.

I have two Bachelor degrees from Mankato State University of Minnesota in Computer Science and Fine Arts to support my interests in computer gaming or animation.

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I studied at the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) where I presented my thesis of work in a gallery exhibition. From there, I continued working to support the work at EVL where the CAVE™ immersive display technology was developed and showcased. My career has continued by integrating applications for the CAVE™ and other display technologies working in industry.

Featured project

Virtual Reality

GoogleEarth Disney World in a CAVE™

Examples of my past projects from virtual reality to web design.

Visualization Technologies:

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Web Design:

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Spring 2015
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Ullrich 226

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