June Li  

Dr. Qiong (June) Li, Professor

B.S. Chemistry, Innermongolia Normal University

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Northeastern University

Emphases in Molecular Conformation and Activity

It is well-recognized that many 1-arylpiperazines are serotonin agonists, which means they bind to the same binding sites as serotonin and mimic its biological and pharmacological activities.  Therefore, simple 1-arylpiperazines represent a structure class that may provide valuable information for finding new serotonin agonists which play an important role in the design of new antidepressants drugs.  The goal of my first research project is to use  NMR techniques to investigate electronic and steric effects on the conformations of 1-arylpiperazines in solution.  A series of 1-arylpiperazines with systematic variation of aryl substituents will be synthesized and investigated by various NMR techniques.

In my second research project, we intend to investigate structure-activity relationships in the cleavage of DNA by arenediazonium salts.  A series of arenediazonium salts with various kinds of substituents, different in electronic nature and hydrophilic nature, on the phenyl ring will be synthesized and their activities for DNA  cleavage will be investigated.  A more efficient  DNA cleaving reagent may be obtained through this research.

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