Rewritten by the Quantum Mechanic Updated 10/24/95

For years the electrical utility companies have led the public to believe
they were in business to supply electricity to the consumer, a service
for which they charge a substantial rate.

Ther recent accidental acquisition of secret records from a well known
power company has led to a massive research campaign which
positively explodes several myths and exposes the massive hoax
which has been perpetrated upon the public by the power companies.

The most common hoax promoted the false concept that light bulbs
emitted light; in actuality, these 'light' bulbs actually absorb
DARK which is then transported back to the power generation
stations via wires. A more descriptive name has now been coined;
the new scientific name for the device is DARKSUCKER.

This newsletter introduces a brief synopsis of the darksucker
theory, which proves the existence of dark and establishes the fact
that dark has great mass, and further, that dark is the fastest
known particle in the universe. Apparently, even the celebrated
Dr. Albert Einstein did not suspect the truth.. that just as COLD
is the absence of HEAT, LIGHT is actually the ABSENCE of DARK...
light does not really exist!

The basis of the darksucker theory is that electric light bulbs
suck dark. Take for example, the darksuckers in the room where you
are. There is much less dark right next to them than there is
elsewhere, demonstrating their limited range. The larger the
darksucker, the greater its capacity to suck dark. Darksuckers in
a parking lot or on a football field have a much greater capacity
than the ones used in the home, for example.

It may come as a surprise to learn that darksuckers also operate on
a celestial scale; witness the Sun. Our Sun makes use of dense
dark, sucking it in from all the planets and intervening dark
space. Naturally, the Sun is better able to suck dark from the
planets which are situated closer to it, thus explaining why those
planets appear brighter than do those which are far distant from
the Sun.

Occasionally, the Sun actually oversucks; under those conditions,
dark spots appear on the surface of the Sun. Scientists have long
studied these 'sunspots' and are only recently beginning to realize
that the dark spots represent leaks of high pressure dark because
the Sun has oversucked dark to such an extent that some of it
actually leaks back into space. This leakage of high pressure dark
frequently causes problems with radio communications here on Earth
due to collisions between the dark particles as they stream out
into space via the black 'holes' in the surface of the Sun.

As with all manmade devices, darksuckers have a finite lifetime.
Once they are full of dark, they can no longer suck. This
condition can be observed by looking for the black spot on a full
darksucker when it has reached maximum capacity... you have surely
noticed that dark completely surrounds a full darksucker because it
no longer has the capacity to suck dark at all.

A candle is a primitive darksucker. A new candle has a white
wick. You will notice that after the first use the wick turns
black, representing all the dark which has been sucked into it. If
you hold a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle, the tip
will turn black because it got in the way of the dark flowing into
the candle. Unfortunately, these primitive darksuckers have a very
limited range and are hazardous to operate because of the intense
heat produced.

There are also portable darksuckers called flashlights. The bulbs
in these devices cannot handle all of the dark by themselves, and
must be aided by a dark storage unit called a battery. When the
dark storage unit is full, it must be either emptied (a process
called 'recharging') or replaced before the portable darksucker can
continue to operate. If you break open a battery, you will find
dense black dark inside, evidence that it is actually a compact
dark storage unit.

The darksuckers on your automobile are high capacity units with
great range, thus they require much larger dark storage units
mounted under the hood of the vehicle. Since there is far more

dark available in the winter season, automobile dark storage units
reach capacity more frequently than they do in the summer,
requiring 'recharging', or in severe cases, total replacement.
Dark has great mass. When dark is drawn into a darksucker,
friction caused by the speed of the dark particles (called
anti-photons) actually generates substantial heat, thus it is
unwise to touch an operating dark sucker. Candles represent a
special problem, as the dark must travel into a solid wick instead
of through clear glass. This generates a great amount of heat,
making it very dangerous to touch an operating candle.

Because dark has such great mass, it is very heavy. If you swim
just below the surface of a lake, you see a lot of 'light' (absence
of dark, to be more precise). As you go deeper and deeper beneath
the surface, you notice it gets darker and darker. When you reach
a depth of approximately fifty feet, you are in total darkness.
This is because the heavier dark sinks to the bottom of the lake,
making it appear 'lighter' near the surface.

The power companies have learned to use the dark that has settled
to the bottom of lakes by pushing it through turbines, which
generate electricity to help push the dark into the ocean where it
may be safely stored for their devious purposes.

Prior to the development of turbines, it was much more difficult to
get the dark from the rivers and lakes to the ocean. The Indians
recognized this problem, and developed means to assist the flow of
dark on it's long journey to the ocean. When on a river in a canoe
travelling in the same direction as the flow of dark, they paddled
slowly, so as not to impede the flow of dark; but when they
travelled against the flow of dark, they paddled vigorously to help
propel the dark along its way.

Scientists are working feverishly to develop exotic new
instrumentation with which to measure the actual speed and energy
level of dark. While such instrumentation is beyond the
capabilities of the average layman, you can actually perform a
simple test to demonstrate the unbelievable speed of dark, right in
your own home.

All that is required for the simple test is a closed desk drawer
situated in a bright room. You know from past experience that the
tightly shut drawer is FULL of dark. Now, place your hand firmly
on the drawer's handle. Quickly yank the drawer open.. the dark
immediately disappears, demonstrating the blinding speed with which
the dark travels to the nearest darksucker!

The secrets of dark are at present known only to the power
companies. Dark must be very valuable, since they go to such
lengths to collect it in vast quantities. By some well hidden
method, more modern power 'generation' facilities have devised
methods to hide their collection of dark. The older facilities,
however, usually have gargantuan piles of solidified dark in huge
fenced in areas. Visitors to these facilities are told the huge
black piles of material are supplies of coal, but such is not the

The power companies have long used code words to hide their
activities; D.C. is Dark Conspiracy, while A.C. is Alternate
Conspiracy. The intent of the A.C. is not yet known, but the D.C.
is rapidly yielding it's secrets to the probing eyes and
instruments of honest scientists around the world. New developments
are being announced every day and we promise to keep the public
informed of these announcements as they occur via this newsletter.

Les Dark, Editor