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·         Student Advising

·         Academic Computing

·         Other Links


UW President’s Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning

·         Using Screencasts to Better Utilize Classroom Time (pdf)

·         Doing More with the D2L Short Answer Question (pdf)

·         Specs for Answering D2L Questions (pdf)

John Gallo interview 

Info on Using Zimbra

Link to Video Streaming Server

Student Advising ñ

What to do when registering for classes

Go to this web page to sign up for an advising appointment.

BCM & Gen Ed Flowcharts are located at S:\Academic\Industrial_Studies\Smidt\Advising

Use UWPClasses (the Hasker program) to plan your class schedule.  (directions)

List of courses that meet Gen Ed requirements

Advance Registration Schedule

·         Go to Registrar’s  home page and click on the Registration Schedule link on the left side

·         This chart lists when you can begin to use PASS (PeopleSoft) with your PIN to register for classes for the next semester.

·         It is based on the number of credits that you have completed—excluding the ones you are currently taking.

·         You can also log on to your PASS account to determine when you can begin registering.

Directions for Using PeopleSoft when registering for classes

UWP Catalog is available on line here, IS Dept., and IS course descriptions.

For info on academic loads, pass/fail, auditing classes, overloads

Degree Program Change form

If you are planning to graduate in the next 12 months:

Use the “Transfer Information System” to figure out which courses transfer between the various UW schools.

If you are planning to study abroad, you need to check out the information and forms here.

Student Scholarships ñ

How to apply for scholarships

  1. Using the below links research which scholarships that you would be eligible for
  2. Log on to your PeopleSoft account to fill in scholarship application forms
  3. For Industrial Studies-related scholarships, write a cover letter.
    1. The purpose of this letter is tell the people who decide who will or will not receive the respective scholarships

                                                              i.      About who you are

                                                            ii.      Why you should receive the scholarship

                                                          iii.      What have you done in the past or are currently doing which demonstrates why you should be selected.  Figure out what the scholarship sponsor is trying to promote and then explain why you would exemplify those ideals.

                                                          iv.      Give the person or committee who makes the scholarship award a basis for making the decision.

    1. This is to be included with the application materials that accompany application form.

Summary of Scholarship Opportunities for Students in Industrial Studies

Related info on UWP Office of Financial Aid web page

Academic Computing ñ

Laptop Initiative (also called One-on-One Computing Initiative) Home Page

Go to the Autodesk Student Community website

Autodesk Collaboration Software

UWP Computer Systems

Suggestions for troubleshooting computer problems

Other Links ñ

FAQ for Faculty relative to D2L & PeopleSoft

Document Editing Notations

PURF Guidelines

Academic Calendar:  add/drop dates, final exam, etc.

Industrial Studies Department:  official home page, announcements page, advising page

UWP Classes: an application which lists open classes and helps construct schedules for registration (by Rob Hasker).

Working with “Classes” Calendars in Zimbra

Terminology for Building Construction Management Professionals

Misc.:  Plotters 001/003 Russell


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