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Guilin, China Geography of Asia
Current world population (estimated):


  GEO 3930 - 01 Spring, 2015  

Geography of Asia

11:00 to 11:52 MWF

Geo 3930, Section 01, 3 Credit Hours, Spring 2015

Boebel 213



Dr. H. Todd Stradford Phone: 342-1674



262 Gardner Mailbox: 261 Gardner  

Office Hours:

by appointment, and when I'm in my office.
  Copies of the Schedule and Maps are here 
Text: 1-- The Nonwestern World, Routledge, 2004
    PP Karan; (required)
  2-- Goode's World Atlas (or just use Google maps and Wikipedia)
  3-- Asia Workbook & Reviews are on D2L under "Content"




Final Exam: Friday, May 17, 10:00 AM to 1152 AM - Final Exam Schedule

Course Objectives:

This is an introductory course covering the broad area of Asian geography. This includes the sub-disciplines of geomorphology, climatology, demographics, agriculture, industry, economics, politics, languages, and religions in this area, each of which could be a separate course unto itself. The aim of this course is to gain an understanding of WHAT is found in this region, WHERE various aspects of each can be found, and WHY each is found where it is. To help the student acquire the background of geographical knowledge about Asia that a college-trained person might reasonably be expected to have. Emphasizing both human and physical geography, the course surveys the area by topic and by sub region. Knowledge gained should give the student a better geographic perspective on current affairs and an enhanced appreciation of travel, and that it will provide a useful background for the understanding of history, government and politics, economics, literature, geology, anthropology, sociology, and other university subjects.



100 points each

200 points



100 points

100 points


5 Map Tests

20 points each

100 points

Homework 10 pts each 50 points  

1 Paper with

60 &

60 points

Presentation 40 points 40 points  


~550 points

Letter Grades: A

470-525 points

> 90%


80 to 89%


70 to 79%


60 to 69%

Below 315

< 60%


The examinations will cover material from class and ALL reading assignments, whether covered in class or not. The Final Examination will have 100 points on the material since the last examination. Each of the 5 map tests will be given in the last 10-15 minutes of the scheduled class period.

Exam/Test Make-Up Policy:



The reading assignment FOR EACH DAY is given on the syllabus. The day that the assignment is listed is the day BY which it should be read.

Homework: There are 5 TV/Web assignments worth 10 points each. You will watch "Newsline" (or "Asia Insight") on PBS (WisCh) which is on at 6 PM nightly at least 1ce every 2 weeks and write a summary of the content. The first assignment is due 2 weeks from the start of class. The others are up to you but you can't turn in more than 1 per 2 weeks, and no more than 1 can be turned in in a 2-week period. You can also go to and watch the latest programs there. There are several ways to view and that's up to you and your hardware. Follow the links.


The paper will be an ongoing current topics paper on a specific area of Asia. The paper will have a regional aspect (country or region) and a topical aspect (a specific problem that appears in the news). For details click here.


You are expected to attend class and are responsible for material that is presented in class. Examinations will emphasize what is covered in class. Tests will only be given in class.

Cell Phones: Cell phones should be silent in class. If your "vibration mode" is louder than your ringer, just turn the phone off.
Any communications device that rings or is seen being operated in class will require the owner to bring treats by the next class for the entire class or lose 5 points off on the next test.

Disabilities: Any student who may need an accommodation due to a disability, please make an appointment to see me during my office hours. A VISA from Services for Students with Disabilities authorizing your accommodations will be needed. If you need special accommodations, you must arrange those before any exams. For religious concerns contact Student Affairs (342-1854), and for physical or learning situations contact Services for Students with Disabilities (342-1818). Please see to this as soon as possible and notify us so that we can make provisions in a timely manner.


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Tentative Schedule and Assignments

Date Event Class Daily Reading Assignment - Asia
January - W 21
Introduction-General Geography of Asia  1 Introduction
F 23
General characteristics 2
Text Chapter 1 - Introduction
M 26
General characteristics 3 Chapter 1- Review
W 28
General characteristics 4  
F 30
Map Test 1 - China 5 PAPER DETAILS
February M 2
China 6 Text Chapter 2 - China
W 4
China 7
Homework 1 due
F 6


M 9
China 9  
W 11
China 10  
F 13
Map Test 2 - Southeast Asia 11 Chapter 2 - China Review
M 16
China 12 Text Chapter 4 - SE Asia
W 18
China 13  
F 20
China 14  
M 23
EXAM 1 - Intro; China 15  
W 25
Southeast Asia 16 Chapter 4 SE Asia Review
F 27
Southeast Asia 17  
March M 2
Southeast Asia
Text Chapter 5- South Asia
W 4
Southeast Asia
F 6
Map Test 3 - South Asia 20  
M 9
South Asia 21  
W 11
South Asia 22 Chapter 5 - South Asia Review
F 13
South Asia 23  
  Spring Break - 14-22 March
M 23
South Asia 24  
W 25
South Asia 25  
F 27
Map Test 4 -Southwest Asia 26  
M 30
South Asia 27  
April - W 1
South Asia 28  
  Easter Break 3-6 April
W 8
EXAM 2- South & SE Asia 29  
F 10
Japan 30 Text Chapter 3 - Japan and Korea
M 13
Japan 31  
W 15
Map Test 5 -Japan and Korea 32  
F 17
M 20
Japan 34  
W 22
F 24
Chapter 3 - Japan & Korea Review
M 27
W 29
Koreas 38  
May - F 1
Koreas 39  
M 4
Koreas 40
W 6
Presentations 41  
F 8
Presentations 42 Papers due
  FINAL Friday, May 17  
10:00 to 11:52 

Links to Maps - Click below on the map you want, select the map by dragging your mouse from the LEFT margin to the Right margin across the map, and then PRINT the SELECTION. You should get most of the map on one page depending on your printer and settings.

Map Test 1 - (Full List Here) - East Asia

Map Test 2 - (Full List Here) - Southeast Asia

Map Test 3 - (Full List Here) - South Asia

Map Test 4- (Full List Here) - Southwest Asia

Map Test 5 - (Full List Here) - Japan and Korea

Updated 24 April, 2015