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Introduction to Human Geography

Current world population (estimated):

GEOG 1050 - 01 & 02 Spring, 2014

Survey of Human Geography

Geog 1050 - 01 - MWF 11:00-11:52
Boebel 221
Geog 1050 - 02 - MWF 1:00-1:52

Boebel 225

Geog 1050, 3 Credit Hours



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Office: 262 Gardner Mailbox: 261 Gardner  
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Copies of Schedule and Maps here  
Text: 1-- Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture
(Click above publisher's web page. Click on the Chapter links on the Schedule for Summaries and tests.))
    Fouberg, Murphy, & de Blij., 9th Edition (Required)
  2-- Goode's World Atlas, or use

NOTE: Please bring your textbook to class, as I may refer to it or a map in it at any time.

Final Exam:

Section 01 (11 AM) Wednesday, May 14, 1:00 PM - 2:52 PM - Final Exam Schedule


Section 02 (1 PM) Friday, May 16, 1:00 PM - 2:52 PM

NOTE: To start GEOG 1050, you MUST complete the following task (10 points) within the first 2 weeks. It is designed to make you familiar with the procedures you need to use D2L in this course.
1) Log into D2L using your campus username and password.
2) Find the syllabus which shows up as a link on the course page or under "content." Open the syllabus.
3) Open a new tab in your browser and open D2L again. Find "Quizzes" and the "Intro Quiz." Start the quiz. Leave the tab with the quiz open and use the tab with the syllabus to find the answers.
4) Complete the Intro Quiz and submit the answers.
5) Your grade should be posted under "grades." If you don't take and submit the quiz, your grade with not be posted.

Course Objectives:

This is an introductory course covering the broad area of cultural geography (as opposed to physical geography). This includes the sub-disciplines of demographics, agriculture, industry, economics, politics, languages, and religions, each of which could be a separate course unto itself. As such, the aim of this course is not depth, but exposure to each of the sub-disciplines to gain an understanding of WHAT each is, WHERE various aspects of each can be found, and WHY each is found where it is. The where is emphasized by a series of map tests to enable the student to gain a minimal geographic foundation of places.

This is important knowledge, because humans are social beings, and have throughout our history come together in groups. These groups have developed unique characteristics, and experience teaches us that the more we understand about other people and places, the more enriched our own culture is and the less likely we are to blunder into conflict. As the world becomes increasingly more accessible, success in many careers is becoming more and more dependent on the ability of a person to demonstrate some understanding of the rest of the world.

Course Requirements:


D2L Quizzes & Map Tests:

There will be five map tests, which will only cover place name identification for a total of 200 points. There will be one test for each of the major regions of the world. Dates of the tests are on the schedule. If it is necessary to change the date of a map test, you will have at least one week's notice of the new date. The map list and practice maps can be found online from the links on the schedule below. The map tests will be given in the last 15 minutes of the scheduled class period.

Quizzes over the reading assignments are online on D2L and listed and linked on the schedule below by the due date. Each is worth 10 points and is added to the total points in the course. You will have 15 minutes to complete each quiz. If you get a 50% or better on the first attempt, you can try a second time in the remaining time. Read and study the chapter before you take the quiz!! All the quizzes together are worth 100 points. Quizzes not completed by the due date will get a grade of 0. Since you have all the availability and due dates already listed, extensions will not be given.

Exam/Test Make-Up Policy:


The reading assignment FOR EACH DAY is given on the syllabus. The day that the assignment is listed is the day BY which it should be read. Quizzes will cover assigned readings.

Homework Assignments: Each assignment is worth 10 points. The due date will be given when the assignment is handed out or placed on D2L.




100 points each

200 points



200 points

200 points


5 Map Tests

40 points each

200 points

10 Chapter quizzes - D2L 10 points each 100 points  
Homework 10 points each 50 points  


750 points

Letter Grades: A- to A

675-750 points


Based on 750 points

B- to B+


80 to 89%
  C- to C+


70 to 79%
  D to D+


60 to 69%

Below 450

< 60%

Final Grade:

To pass the course you will need a total average of 60% or more.

Final Exam: Section 01 (11 AM) Wednesday, May 14, 1:00 PM - 2:52 PM - Final Exam Schedule
  Section 02 (1 PM) Friday, May 16, 1:00 PM - 2:52 PM
The final examination for graduating seniors will be waived IF the grade average after Map Test 5 is above 90%.

Cell Phones:

Tentative Schedule and Assignments

Click here for Map List - Click on the Map Test Link in the table below to get copies of the maps
For Summaries of the chapters and REVIEW TEST QUESTIONS, click on the links under "Event" and "Assignment."
*ST = Self Tests -- *Rev=Review

Class Daily Reading Assignment - Text
January - W 22
  Intro Quiz
Chapter 1 Rev: Text: pp. 1-22
F 24
Chapter 1 ST: Maps & Themes  
Text: pp. 22-33
M 27
W 29
Chapter 2 ST: Population  
Chapter 2 Rev: Text: pp. 36-46
F 31
Text: pp. 46-57
February M 3
Pyramid Assignment
Text: pp. 57-74
W 5
Map Test 1 - North America  
F 7
Chapter 3 ST : Migration  
Chapter 3 Rev: Text: pp. 76-88
M 10
Text: pp. 88-107
W 12
F 14
M 17
Chapter 6 ST : Languages  
Chapter 6 Rev: Text: pp. 164-184
W 19
Text: pp. 184-191
F 21
World Language Families  
M 24
Map Test 2 - Latin America  
W 26
Chapter 7 Rev: Text: pp. 193-212
F 28
Chapter 7 ST : Religion
Text: pp. 212-235
March M 3
W 5
F 7
M 10
W 12
Chapter 8 ST : Politics  
Chapter 8 Rev: Text: pp. 237-259
F 14
Text: pp. 259-270
15 to 23
Spring Break
M 24
Text: pp. 208-213
W 26
Map Test 3 - Europe & Russia  
F 28
M 31
Chapter 9 ST: Urban Geography  
Chapter 9a Rev: Text: pp. 274-294
April W 2
Chapter 9b Rev: Text: pp. 294-317
F 4
M 7
W 9
Chapter 11 ST: Agricultural Geography  
F 11
No Class
Chapter 11 Rev: Text: pp. 349-364
M 14
Rectangular Survey System
Text: pp. 364-379
W 16
Map Test 4 -East, South, & SE Asia  
18 to 21
Easter Recess
W 23
Chapter 12 ST: Industrial Geography
Chapter 12 Rev: Text: pp. 382-398
F 25
  Chapter 12 Quiz 9
Text: pp. 398-408
M 28
W 30


May F 2
Chapter 13 ST: Human Environment  
Chapter 13 Rev: Text: pp. 410-439
M 5
  Chapter 13 Quiz 10
W 7
Map Test 5 - SW Asia & Africa  
F 9
Last Class  
*ST = Self Tests *Rev=Review
Section 01: Wednesday, May 14, 1:00 PM - 2:52 PM
Section 02: Friday, May 16, 1:00 PM - 2:52 PM


"Any student in this course who has a disability that may prevent him or her from fully demonstrating his or her abilities should contact me personally as soon as possible so we can discuss accommodations necessary to ensure full participation and facilitate your education opportunities."