Summer Field Trip in China
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Department of Geography
Women's and Gender Studies



Suzhou Canal

17-Day, 3 Credit Trip

22 May to 7 June 2018

17 Day Tour - Shanghai to Beijing
Geography Field Trips & Classes

*dates may change by 1 or 2 days


      China is oneof the most influential nations in the world today, with cultures, landscapes, and history very different from our own. This summer program provides a wonderful opportunity for you to gain knowledge and insights that will aid you in your professional development as well as learn about cultures very different from those of the West.


     The Summer Field Trip is built around the examination of the physical and cultural geographies of China.  The trip is designed to cover the culture and landscape in the core of Eastern China, beginning in Shanghai.  The field seminar provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct field studies and research on a variety of critical issues facing China's environment, culture and economy. 

Prior Chinese language study is not necessary.

This course may be used to fulfill the general education requirement in international education.

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Program Instructors:
     Dong Isbister, UWP Geography, Ethnic Studies Departments
     Todd Stradford, UWP Geography Department

     The program includes airfare, hotel accommodations, domestic transportation and field trip costs. For more details, explore the links on the left.



Dr. H. Todd Stradford Dr. Dong Isbister

Confucious Cemetery
Qufu, China

From Qufu, China