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Planet Earth
Introduction to
Physical Geography

GEO 1040 - Summer, 2017
23 May - 16 June


Planet Earth: Introduction to Physical Geography Lecture: MTWTh, 8:00 -9:50 am - Boebel 201

GEO 1040, 4 Credit Hours Summer 2017

Laboratory - Boebel 201
Lab section: MTWTh 10:00-11:50 PM


Dr. H. Todd StradfordPhone: 342-1674



262 Gardner Mailbox: 261 Gardner  

Office Hours:

by appointment, and when I'm in my office.
  Copies of Schedule  
Text & Course Materials: 1-- Geosystems - An Introduction to Physical Geography
    Christopherson, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall.
  2-- Labs : Handouts
  3-- Lab supplies: ruler, protractor, calculator, colored pencils (at least a red and blue) bring to every class!!

Final Exam: Exam 4 is over the last section and is not cumulative.

Course Objectives:

This is an introductory course covering the fundamentals of physical geography by examining the structure of the Planet Earth and the processes of 1) the atmosphere and energy flows 2) the solid earth and its relation to the surface structure, and 3) the surface processes that affect the relief of the earth, all in relation to their effects upon humanity.

The course is divided into two major groupings: that of the atmosphere, and that of the earth's surface. Concepts continue through to the end of each group even though an exam may come before the end of a grouping. The two major divisions are connected by hydrology, the study of water on and under the surface of the earth.



100 points

300 points

4 Lab Exams 50 points 200 points  


100 points

100 points



600 points

Letter Grades: A 540-600 points > 90%
  B 480-539 80 to 89%
  C 420-479 70 to 79%
  D 360-419 60 to 69%
  F Below 360 < 60%


The examinations will cover 1) material from class, 2) the lab problems to that point, and 3) ALL reading assignments, whether covered in class or not. The Final Examination will cover the last section and last labs. There will be problems similar to those on the labs on the examinations.

Examinations will be held each Thursday during the allotted time for lab and will cover all material covered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. I will give some time on Thursday for questions and review of the day's material before the exam.

The examinations will cover
1) mainly material from class (your notes)
2) but also textbook material, whether covered in class or not.
Exams may have multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short definitions, essays, calculations, or sketching diagrams.

The labs themselves will not be graded. However, all material on labs is tested after every 3 labs during the regular exam period. This would include, the problems you did on the lab, the vocabulary on the lab, and the explanations on the lab. Simply writing the answer down on the lab in a group effort doesn't mean that you know it. Make sure you know it and not just your lab neighbor! The section on the labs are NOT multiple choice, so know the terms and methods!


Chapter Vocabulary & Review links:
(You will need a flash player for the videos to run such as Adobe Flash Player.)

Chapter 1: Essentials of Geography Terms
Chapter 1 Review Link
Chapter 7: Water & Atmospheric Moisture Terms
Chapter 7 Review Link
Chapter 13: Weathering, Karst Landscapes, & Mass Movement Terms
Chapter 13 Review Link

Chapter 2: Solar Energy to Earth & Seasons Terms
Chapter 2 Review Link

Chapter 8: Weather Terms
Chapter 8 Review Link
Chapter 14: River Systems and Landforms Terms
Chapter 14 Review Link
Chapter 3: Earth's Modern Atmosphere Terms
Chapter 3 Review Link
Chapter 9: Water Resource Terms
Chapter 9 Review Link
Chapter 15: Eolian Processes and Arid Landscapes Terms
Chapter 15 Review Link
Chapter 4: Atmosphere & Energy Balance Terms
Chapter 4 Review Link
Chapter 10: Global Climate Systems Terms
Chapter 10 Review Link
Chapter 17: Glacial and Periglacial Processes & Landforms Terms
Chapter 17 Review Link
Chapter 5: Global Temperatures Terms
Chapter 5 Review Link
Chapter 11: The Dynamic Planet Terms
Chapter 11 Review Link
Chapter 6: Atmospheric & Oceanic Circulation Terms
Chapter 6 Review Link
Chapter 12: Tectonics, Earthquakes, & Volcanism Terms
Chapter 12 Review Link
Total Glossary A-Z

Makeup Examinations:

Don't miss a Thursday exam!! Trying to keep up is difficult enough without studying for the old while learning the new.

There will be NO makeup examinations unless I am notified BEFORE the exam is given AND you have a doctor's notice or other proof; a makeup must be taken no later than 1 WEEK after the normal date of the given exam.

Late homework and lab assignments will NOT be accepted. Labs must be finished before leaving.


Read chapter relating to the lab before coming (see reading assignments).

Bring your calculator to every lab!! Phone calculators may or may not work depending on the phone.

Evaluation of the labs will be made on the 4 examinations, testing your ability to repeat what you've done and how well you understand it. Approximately 50 points on each exam will be directly from the labs.


The reading assignment is given on the syllabus. The day that the assignment is listed is the day BY which it should be read.


As each day covers about a weeks' worth of regular semester materials, I would not consider missing a class.

Final Grade:

60% or above for all class exams and lab exams is passing.

Assignments -- Should be read by the date listed:

Date Event


Class Daily Reading Assignment
  Week 1
No Lab 1    
Tu May 23

Earth-Sun Relationships
, Projections, Lat, Long Topographic Maps
Rectangular Survey System
Energy flow balance

2 - Earth in Space, Location & Time


Chapter 1 Review Link
Chapter 2 Review Link

Chapter 3 Review Link

W 24 Atmospheric Pressure and Winds
3-Energy & Circulation 2 Chapter 4 Review Link
Chapter 5 Review Link
Th 25 Atmospheric Circulation
Lapse Rates and Inversions
Air Masses and Fronts (Fronts2)
EXAM 1 3 Chapter 6 Review Link
Chapter 7 Review Link
Week 2
M 29 Memorial Day
Tu 30 Thunderstorms & Hurricanes
Global Pressure, Winds, & Climate
4 -Atmospheric Moisture 4 Chapter 8 Review Link
W 31 Climate Classification
World Climate Practice Map
Climate Koppen Practice Quiz
6-Climate Classification 5 Chapter 10 Review Link

Th June 1

Climate Change EXAM 2 6
Week 3

M 5

Plate Tectonics
Folding & Faulting
7 - Isoline Maps 7 Chapter 11 Review Link
Tu 6 Volcanism & Earthquakes
Tectonic Landforms
8 - Plate Tectonics 8 Chapter 12 Review Link

W 7

Weathering and Erosion 10 - Hydrology 9  

Th 8

Mass Wasting EXAM 3 10 Chapter 14 Review Link
Week 4
M 12

Fluvial Processes & Landforms
Solution Landforms

11- Fluvial Landscapes 11 Chapter 13 Review Link
Tu 13 Desert Landforms 12 - Desert Landforms 12 Chapter 15 Review Link
W 14 Alpine Glaciation
Continental Glaciation
13 - Alpine Glaciation 13 Chapter 17 Review Link

Th 15


EXAM 4 14  
    Posted Grades on D2L    

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