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My publications

Slides from my talks

UW-Platteville Colloquium slides (9/27/17): "Hackenbush and the surreal numbers" as [PDF, 1M]

Teaching 4810 slides (9/26/17): "Including students with PKU" as [PDF, 2M].

MAA-WI slides (4/23/16): "A suggestion for the NFL's head-to-head tiebreaker" as [PDF, 1.9M] (with Dan Swenson). See also: The NFL ouroboros through the years.

UW-Platteville Technology Mashup slides (1/14/15): "Successes and Challenges in Flipping a Math Class" as [PDF, 0.1M].

Using LaTeX: How and why? (1/28/14)

MAA-WI slides (4/29/11): "Pi is irrational" as [PDF, 0.8M].

Madison College Math Club slides (3/5/11): "Power rankings: Math for March Madness" as [PDF, 6.7M].

MAA-WI slides (4/24/09): "Continuous Root Dragging" as [PDF, 2M].

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