Studio Physics at UW - Platteville

Phil Young

Studio Physics at University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Welcome to the homepage for Studio Physics at University of Wisconsin – Platteville.  If you’re interested in who I am, then check out my vita.  Hopefully, you’re more interested in studio physics so keep reading.

The introductory physics classes at University of Wisconsin – Platteville moved into 3 studio classrooms in Spring 2009.  Prior to that physics classes were taught in a traditional lecture room with individual, moveable seating, and the lab was a separate course.  In the studio classroom the students sit in groups at lab tables, and the lab is integrated into the course.  Further description and pictures of the classrooms are included under Classrooms in the menu.

The transition was supported in part by an NSF CCLI Grant entitled Flexible Physics Instruction in an Integrated Lecture/Lab Environment.  The grant provided funding for data acquisition software and hardware for real time data collection and graphing, the development of active-learning materials, and assessment and research on the impact of the transition.  Most of the curriculum development and all of the assessment focused on the mechanics portion of the calculus-based physics course.  The assessment looked at the impact of interactive engagement in the studio environment on students’ performance on the FCI.  The grant also included 2-year institutions (originally Madison Area Technical College but in the end Southwest Technical College and Northeast Iowa Community College) so activities were also developed for technical physics students at those institutions.

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