Songqing Yue, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Office: Ullrich 212

Phone: 608-342-3984

Email: yues AT


Spring 2017 Advising Notice

  • Make an appointment with me for advising before registration:
    Registration starts at 8:00 am, April 3, 2017 this semester for seniors. Check the registration schedule to find exactly when is your starting time to register, and make an appointment with me 1-3 days before that using Office 365 calendar. The appointment should be 20 minutes and during my office hours. Make the subject title as "Advising with your name". I do not have signup sheets on my office door, so you'll need to sign up online. Make your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
    Sign up soon! The later you sign up, the more difficult to find an available time slot!
  • To make up an initial schedule before coming to my office:
    • Use the Schedule Builder in PASS to build an initial schedule. Here are some instructions. You don't have to print anything out. We will finalize the schedule during the advising meeting, print out a paper copy, sign it and I will give you the PIN number. Note that you will have to reschedule the advising meeting if you don't have a initial schedule in the Schedule Builder.
    • Use the Student Planner to plan your courses in the following semesters! Here are some instructions. This is REQUIRED since it is very important for the departments to plan for the number of sections offered in the next year.
  • General Engineering students:
    you MUST pick up your folder from the General Engineering office (Otts 153) before coming for advising! I can *not* advise students without their folders.
  • All other students:
    I have your advising folder. I don't give them out. If you don't have a check list, visit the CSSE website, download this and make one up. Use the Academic Requirements report in PASS as a starting point.

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Other Advising/Service Duties:

Faculty Advisor for ACM club in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
CSSE Representative on EMS Expo Committee