Dr. Timothy Zauche 

Program Coordinator of

Sustainability & Renewable Energy Systems

Professor, Chemistry and Renewable Energy
314 Engineering Hall
(608) 342-1678 (Office)

(608) 330-3001 (Cell) 

Current Schedule and Office Hours


Courses: (students check D2L for class notes and information)



Research Interests:

            I currently have a couple of grants that are looking to develop new markets for Bovine Biomass.  These are solids removed from animal waste after it has been anaerobically digested.  This includes developing a soilless potting mix for orchids with Dr. Compton, patent pending.  I am also working with the USDA to demonstrate that the fibrous material can act as a substitute for sawdust in the making of fiber board.


            I am also working to complete a feasibility study to install a Cluster Anaerobic digester in the Platteville Area.  If my dream were to come true, we would install 2 digesters, one located at the campus farm and the other right here on campus.  These digesters would take manure from local dairy farms and combine it with food waste from the area to generate biogas.  This biogas (methane) could be cleaned up and used for electricity, heating source, or injected into the main natural gas pipeline for distribution as far as California.


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